Posted by: irisgodd3ss | August 7, 2007

What’s Wasted?

Some people are of the opinion that I am wasting away my brilliance by not having a real job. Am I really?

Is it a waste to do something that I love, which is to write? Is it a waste when I am earning good money, often more than the conventional 8 to 5 job? Is it a waste to work on my own time, my own pace, and my own space? Is it a waste when I can travel anywhere anytime without having to beg a superior for a holiday?

Wouldn’t it be more of a waste if I spent my time kissing ass and trying to climb the corporate ladder? Isn’t it a gross misuse of my talent to do something I have never been good at, like screaming myself hoarse in front of children in a classroom? We’ve always been taught that life is perfect when you have a stable job, that there’s no better way to live life than to be enslaved by wages until retirement gives you pension and then you can play golf. But is that really the best way to live life? Isn’t life so much more than work and money?

No, I don’t think I’m wasting away at all. If anything, I’ve never been so productive and so valuable. I’m living my dreams. Life is too short not to. Tell me, how can that be a waste?



  1. yay iris 🙂

  2. true, true, true. just invest your money wisely girl because as my mom says, good stories don’t sell much during retirement age. to which, my retort would always be, “well if you dress it up a little, it might sell to universal studios!”hahahahaha!!!

    but, we both know that’s a long shot so as one traveller to another, let’s all be pragmatic while having fun! but, hey, have a slam in your travels!

  3. Hello!

    Let me just say that I admire the way you think and your stand towards the matter. Believe me, alot of us succumb to the pressures, that they never really get to do what they want to do.

  4. I only have this to say girl: You are exactly where you should be. Let’s drink to that. Cheers!

  5. Well, thank God for budget traveling, di ba, Rivs? Of course, I know I will have to go back to the corporate world someday if the writing doesn’t work out for long. Maybe when I’m 35 or something. I have time. 😉

  6. hahahahahha!!!! 35 eh? that’ll give you ample time to go gallavanting around for (wink, wink)

    but seriously though, man i can’t imagine myself anymore in a cubicle or staying put for more than a acouple of months! i can’t! the mere thought of it makes me claustrophobic!

  7. Very well said cousin. I really admire you in how you see things. We miss you badly here. Can you e-mail me some time? Not really sure with your e-mail add kasi. Baka mali yung sinesendan ko ng messages. 🙂

    Hope we can talk. Miss you, ate. 🙂

  8. Kiss ass and that’s all you’ll be good at. You’re right, do what you’re good at and and never mind about thinking about ten years time. The way you’re going, with that positive attitude, you’ll already have made it big long before then.

  9. RIVA: Claustrophobic in a cubicle is an understatement. The most exciting thing that ever happens is seeing a rat in your waste basket. 😀

    COY: I emailed you. No reply. HMPH. Miss you, cousin.

    JASON: You’re damn right! You gotta hand it to the ass-kissers in the world, though. That’s a pretty nasty position to be in. LOL. 😉

  10. dont waste me!!!

  11. don’t listen to the naysayers! doing a job that enthuses and engages you is real, not a phony 9-5 which stifles creativity.

    a sucessful freelancer requires an awful lot of self-discipline: you’re not writer… but also receptionist, accountant, manager

  12. Come on Iris, don’t forget your fans.

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