Posted by: irisgodd3ss | July 9, 2007

Wander Girl in Thailand

I’m a bit obsessive-compulsive. Not in the counting-to-99-before-I-close-the-door or putting-my-deodorant-perpendicular-to-my-lotion sort of way. More like the computer-files-are-neatly-organized-in-folders and my-filenames-follow-a-format kind of obsessive-compulsive. I periodically go through everything in my computer and go crazy when I see something out of place. I used to own an iPod and it was so perfectly organized that even the song titles were capitalized in the right places. It sometimes drives me crazy.

Now I’m positively itching to change a few things again. I was going through my blog and I realized that I have a lot of posts that are out of place. I started this blog with the idea that I’ll only write about my life’s breaking news, mostly about sex, love, relationships, and work. I never planned on writing about Bangkok here. I know it’s not a big deal but I’m dying to start a blog dedicated solely to Bangkok. So that’s exactly what I’m doing. Everybody, meet Wander Girl in Thailand, my newest little niche in cyberspace.

Of course, I will still be updating this blog. The things that set Iris on fire could still be found here. The Foreign Mystique will still host the sordid details and the nitty gritty of my fascination with foreign men. And yes, I promise I will be updating that site soon-ish, as I am 5 stories behind.

I hope you, my readership of about 15 people, will enjoy the adventures of Wander Girl in Thailand. And please, keep those comments coming.



  1. 5 stories behind? haha can’t wait 🙂

  2. aaahhh.. how i envy you iris… being alone in a new country.. experiencing independence for the first time.. i wish i have your courage… 🙂

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